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Hello, in this video we will introduce you with all the intricacies of working with the company website Roblox and will tell you how to start getting a stable income on the shares of the largest Russian companies today!

In order to start working with the site, you need to register, click on the "Register" link located in the top of the page, then fill in all required fields and click "Register". Field Invited You do not have to fill in.

Immediately after completing the registration, you will be connected to your personal account, where you must first specify your payment details, otherwise you will not be withdrawal.
To do this, Go to the tab "Settings" - "Payment details" after filling in all required fields, confirm your action by clicking "Save"button

To replenish your account balance, you should go to the tab "Add balance", here you will see all available payment systems adopted at our site.

Most payment systems process your payments immediately, however, if you Deposit via Yandex Money or credit cards in excess 49999 rubles the waiting time of replenishment can be from 5 to 10 minutes.

As an example, you can observe how to Deposit money to your account via Yandex Money, Credit cards and Kiwi.

Replenish with other payment systems are made similarly.

After Deposit of you can start buying shares, represented by our broker, to do this go to the tab "Buy shares", Select the most attractive you carefully read all the terms and conditions for this promotion and click "Choose", then select a payment system which will be used to purchase such shares and enter the amount of investment. As additional services to each stock you can activate the service of voluntary insurance premiums and the insurance indemnity is specified in the tab "investment ideas".

That is, for example, for a stock company Sberbank insurance premium is 5% of the Deposit amount and insurance compensation of 75% of the Deposit amount, in other words, in the case of an insured event you will return 75% of the amount paid by you.

After filling in all required fields, click "Buy share".

To track the status of your purchased shares, go to the tab "Your action," here you can track all traffic on your shares and keep track of the size of the potential net profit.

We wish you stable earnings and a pleasant and long term cooperation with our company.

Hello, in this video we will discuss how does the affiliate program company Roblox.

All clients of our company available to participate 2 program: partnership and representation

Affiliate program has 4 levels 5%-2% -1% -0.5% — this means that for personal deposits into the project, you will receive 5% of the Deposit amount of your referral, for fundraising in the project, your direct referrals, you will receive 2% of proceeds and so on up to level 4

In other words, if your direct referral will make the project 100$ - you will get 5$, if in consequence he will also begin raising funds in the project you will receive 2% of the amount attracted by your referral funds.

The Executive program is an enhanced version of the affiliate program,available to partners with a personal contribution of$ 500 which involves the calculation of the increased percentage of referral fees 7%-3% -2% -1.5% for each level the affiliate network appropriately, as well as providing additional features such as personal landing page to extend the partner network, the possibility of opening their own office as well as other benefits.

In addition, our company partners have the opportunity of obtaining one-time bonuses, depending on the turnover of deposits of your personally sponsored referrals, for example, achieved a turnover of$ 5000, you will receive a bonus of$ 100, for the turnover 10000$ - 200$ and so on.

More information about the programs located on our official website in section "Partners".

We wish you a pleasant and mutually beneficial cooperation with our company. See you soon!

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